Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Seasons of Love and War

Sometimes love is meant to last a lifetime.

Kaylob has just come home early from the Vietnam War after his first tour. Beth Ann wants to marry him early, she feels that might be the only way to get him to make love to her after waiting forever, all because of a silly promise he made to her brother when he was fourteen.

However, Kaylob has volunteered to go back and fight again, a second tour in Vietnam. How is he going to let his childhood sweetheart know he’s leaving her again?  His brothers in the Bravo troop need him.

“I love you too. And, baby girl, I’ve missed you.” Their lips touched and his tongue found its way home.

The previous concerns melted from her thoughts.
       That rainy September night, they held each other tightly, never wanting to let go. He was like the air she breathed.

Stay tuned next week to find out how he tells her? And what will her reaction be?


  1. Seasons of Love and War- New blog

  2. This is a great scene, and the next one is pretty awesome too! ;-)

    ~Joyce Scarbrough

  3. This scene pulls you in, to where your heart goes out to both of them..Can't wait til next week to find out more..

  4. the scene makes me want to know what happens next. Good job!

  5. nice Brenda, can't wait to see what you do next week.